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This is Bilal. I am here to provide you great plagiarism free content related to any topic. I have an experience of more than 5 years in writing skills. I have a blog where I have some of my blogs which shows my ability to write about any topic. Currently I am pursuing my bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.

Kashmir Issue (Complete)

Kashmir Issue, the determining bone of contention between Pakistan and India for the last seven decades, is the cause of three wars and other numerous skirmishes. An assessment of the issue is discussed below which hitherto prohibited its viable solution. A bird eye view to the early history of kashmir will unviel its succession through six critical phases. ORIGIN: Phase-1 The findings from the 12th century text 'Rajatarangini' depicts a story of the drainage of a 'lake' to w

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Mr Modi,We, Pakistanis are living in this era of 2019, to your discomfort we have managed to celebrate 72 years of independence. However, there is still a big fraction of living breathing humans who are still trapped in 1947. They are humans like you and every other Indian you claim to represent. They are Kashmiris.The Kashmiris I am talking about seems to have been stuck in a time capsule which belongs to the horrors of 1947. These horrors are executed by no one else but your Indian Army. Gener


Place a clothe on the deep wound,And fight away the dismal pain.Be not afraid of the hungry hound,Your struggles are not in vain.Me and you; we share the same sky,Yet it feels miles apart.Over you; the vultures fly,And the nightingale consoles my aching heart.You are stronger than stones and rocks and boulders,Your faith is steady, like a lotus sprouting.Your children heave huge burdens on their tiny shoulders,Your silence so palpable, it's louder than a thousand men shouting.The darkness will l

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